Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

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It is our aim to offer our customers the best possible and most secure sports betting platform as possible.

Because of our responsible and fair range of sports bets and services, every player has the possibility to bet within his/her personal financial limits.

Here, the prevention of gambling related problems is our highest priority.

Due to the implementation of self control functions and a close collaboration with consulting portals we want to guarantee this. Such consulting portals are for example:

  Gambling Therapy

  Federation eHealth

  PA Problem Gambling

Sports betting is a famous form of entertainment for a lot of people. But for some, betting can also cause problems. It is our aim to detect the risks and problems as early as possible and to target, intervene and work with the affected persons on a solution for their problems.

Problem Gambling and Counter measures

Sports betting is a way of entertainment for many, what means, they bet responsibly and also do not exceed their financial limits. However there are people, for whom betting is not a way of entertainment, but a problem.

Gambling addiction is a behavioral disorder, which appears, even though in most cases it carries negative side effects. In the most cases this is shown by addiction, debts, personal, social and/or work related problems.

Please keep in mind that such a behavioral disorder can only be diagnosed and treated by a professional, and we only want to provide you with inform with which help you can better control yourself. In the following we would like to provide you with a list, which you can evaluate your own gambling behavior:

    - Do you usually gamble for several hours a day?

    - Do you lose more than you win and does this exceed your financial  


    - Does betting stress you out? Do you feel uncalm and get aggressive  

     when losing?

    - Do you lie to yourself or others about your betting behavior?  

    - Does your behavior result in personal, social or work related problems?  

    - Do you try to win back your losses?

In case you can answer to more than 1 question with a "Yes", we advise you to consider professional help and also use our self exclusion function.

To prevent Problem Gambling by yourself, we would like to provide you with some rules, which you can or should consider when using our platform:

   - Betting is not a job; it should be fun and does not serve as your source 

    of income

   - Do not bet in case you are aggressive, impulsive, depressive or under 

    the influence of alcohol or drugs

   - Use our self limitation function to set a daily, weekly and monthly  

    deposit limit

   - Use our self exclusion function, in case you feel uncomfortable when 

    using the platform; you can choose a time range by yourself  


Controls and protection

We have developed mechanisms and tools which not only help us to detect problem gambling, but also help you to better control your own behavior. We would like to encourage you to make use of these tools.

Self exclusion

You have the possibility to exclude yourself from gambling. This can be done in your "Personal account". Simply choose the time range for which you would like to be excluded and confirm you decision.

Self limitation

You have to possibility to set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. This can be done in your "Personal account". Changes of the limits will only become effective after a period of 24h to prevent impulsive gambling. Should you wish to immediately decrease your limits, please contact our customer service.

Customer service

All requests concerning Responsible Gaming are from high priority for our customer service. If you wish, we can also manually set a deposit limit for you or block your account for a certain period of time.


Protection minors (Persons that have not yet reached the age of 18) is from high importance for us.

A minor is not allowed to register for an account on our platform, or engage in any kind of gambling.

Already while registering for an account you have to state your birthdate and additionally confirm that you are 18 or older. It is not possible that you enter a birthdate which states that you are below the age of 18. After a certain period of time, or the latest when wishing to withdraw money, we request a copy of an ID from you that confirms your birthdate.

Not only is it our responsibility to prevent minors from registering for an account, but also yours as a parent. In the following we would like to recommend you software that helps you to protect you child when using the internet:




In case you as a player have the suspicion that a minor got access to a betting account or is registered on our platform under false identity, please immediately contact us.