Privacy policy


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Account security

Our website was developed, to offer our customers the highest level of security.

Any kind of data transmission between you as the customer and the website is encrypted with the newest technologies.

As soon as you register on, we can track your IP address and it will be saved in a log file.

This mechanism helps us to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

For being able to protect your account by yourself, we would like you to keep the following rules in mind:

   - You are responsible for all your devices; if necessary lock your devices

    with password protection

   - Keep your credentials at a safe place and do not tell them to anyone else

   - Do not leave your computer unattended as long as you are logged in to 

    your account; Minors or others could get access to your account

   - Change your password on a regular basis; in case you have the suspicion

    that someone else got access to your account, please contact us

Data collection

For being able to make deposits and place bets on, you first have to register. The following information are requested from you upon registration:

   - Name

   - Birthdate

   - Country of residence

   - Phone number and E-mail address

The following data could be collected after the registration process:

   - Your current address

   - Documents to verify your betting account

   - Any type of transaction as i.e. Deposits/withdrawals, placed bets, 

    won/lost bets

   - Technical information such as i.e. what device you are using

   - Interactions between you and our customer service

   - Information about data traffic, locations, communication data

   - Data from surveys or bonus programs

Data usage

Data that will be or eventually will be collected by us can be used for the following purposes:

   - Personal information can be verified with the help of 3rd parties

   - To make transactions from and to your account

   - To allow you to use our platform

   - Research and surveys

   - To prevent money laundering, fraud or criminal activity of any kind

   - To maintain your account

   - For advertisement purposes from our side

   - To fullfil legal and regulatory standards

Since we are internationally operating, it might happen that your data has to be transmitted to another country. This could be necessary to offer you the best possible service. By registering for an account, you agree to this.

Change in data

In case you are changing personal information and we are not contacting you concerning this, please contact us by yourself.

It is possible at any time to change your personal information. In case you change data that is necessary for verifying yourself, you need to get verified again.

You as the customer have the right at any time, to request a copy of all information about yourself, that is collected by us. Only when being sufficiently verified, we can hand over such a copy to you. Due to effort, it might happen that we charge a fee for this.

Closing an account

In case you are closing your account, we will still keep your information saved in our system due to security reasons.

We reserve the right to apply changes to our privacy policy whenever necessary.

In case you have any additional questions, please contact our customer service via [email protected]

Data protection declaration

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Data protection declaration for clients

The data protection declaration states, in howfar the information and data which a customer provides on the website is being used and maintained.


Personal information and data, which a customer provides is being used and maintained exactly as it is stated in this declaration. All information concerning the topic „Data protection“ are provided to the customer on the website.


Contact options


Should you wish to learn more about, how we are using and maintaining your personal data, please contact us via [email protected]


Protecting your personal information and data


Data, which you are providing us with, is protected by our high quality and up to date security standards. In addition to this, your data is protected by law. This means, that data, which you are providing us with, can only be used and maintained, if there is a reason for this. Such a reason could be:


-    To fulfill contracts made between you and us

-    Due to a legal responsibility

-    After you agreeing to us maintaining your data

-    The maintenance is in a public interest

-    The maintenance is in our legitimate interest


Should we have reasons, no matter if commercial or business-related, which make it necessary to use your personal data, we do this out of our legitimate interest. This means, that we will use your data under consideration of your own personal interests and also the highest security standards.


Should we want to use your personal data out of a legitimate interest, we will inform you about this and give you the possibility not only to receive further information about such a legitimate interest, but also to raise an objection about your data being used by us. We would like to inform you, that there might be reasons which require us to use your personal data, even though you might raise an objection.

Storing your personal data


We guarantee, that, whenever we store your personal data, we secure and protect them in an adequate manner and that we do not use them for any other purposes, that stated in this data protection declaration. We use the highest and most up to date security standards to secure and protect your personal data and update them regularly.


Your personal data will be stored on by us for as long as you being a customer of


In case you are not a customer of anymore, we will only store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill regulatory and legal requirements. It can happen that due to technical reasons we are not able to delete your personal data and have to store them for a longer period of time.


Information, which we collect


Data and information, which we collect can contain the following:


-    Information, which you had provided us with in forms available on our website and/or other information which you have provided us with through our website or via E-mail

-    Records of correspondences between you and us via our website, E-mail, phone and/or our feedback function

-    Information regarding your transactions on

-    Information regarding how and from where you are accessing our website such as location data, logs and/or communciation information


Should it not harm your personal rights and liberties and we consider it as adequate, it can happen that we collect information about you from publicly accessible sources.


Reasons why we maintain and use your personal data


In the following we would like to provide you with an overview why we maintain and use your personal data and also how we justify this:


Why do we maintain and use your personal data?


-    To manage customer relationships

-    Marketing purposes

-    To develop new services and also to enhance already existing services (i.e. learning how do our customers use our services; testing)

-    Customer support

-    Financial services such as deposits and withdrawals

-    To detect and prevent abuse of our services offered (Risk management)

-    To comply with laws and regulations

-    To detect, prevent and report unlawful behaviour

-    To manage our daily business and finances

-    To fulfill our responsiblities, agreements and contracts


How do we justify this?


-    You have agreed to us maintaining and using your personal data

-    To fulfill contracts

-    Out of a legitimate interest

-    Because of legislative or regulatory responsibilities



Personal data which can be shared with others


It can happen that we have to share the personal data which you are providing us with, with other organisations. Those organisations are:


-    Text

-    Regulators

-    Fraud prevention agencies

-    Identification agencies for verification purposes

-    Sports regulators

-    Third party providers, which you have given your permission to share your personal data with

-    Third party providers, which are necessary to offer you services on, which you have requested


Those third party providers can be:


-    SecureTrading

-    Skrill

-    Paysafecard

-    Neteller

-    SOFORT (Klarna)

-    Citizen

-    CashtoCode

-    MuchBetter

-    VISA / Mastercard



Transferring your personal data outside of the European Economical Zone


Should we have to transfer your personal data outside of the European Economical Zone, this can only happen, if:


-    you have explicitly agreed to this

-    it is necessary to create or fulfill a contract between you and us

-    we need to fulfill legal or regulatory responsibilities

In case we have to transfer your personal data outside of the European Economical Zone, we will take adequate measures, to secure your personal data with the same high standards as we do inside of the European Economical Zone.


When transferring personal data outside of the EEZ, the following is from highest importance for us:


-    The country where your personal data is being transferred guarantees the same level of security as applicable inside of the European Economical Zone. Information about how secure the resp. country is, can be found on the website of the European Comission.

-    We sign contracts with the receiver of your personal data, as a guarantee that they protect and secure your personal data with the same high standards as applicable inside of the European Economical Zone.

-    Should your personal data be transferred to the USA, we make sure that the receiver of the data is registered with Privacy Shield. Further information concerning Privacy Shield can be found on the website of the Eurpean Commission.


It can happen that due to a law or regulatory resposibilities, we have to transfer information to a Third parties without us having full control about how they protect and secure your personal data.


What rights you have in regard of your personal data


You as our customer have certain rights in regard of your personal data and you can enforce those rights at any time. Those rights are:


-    To file complaints with relevant data protection authorities

-    To access to your personal data which we maintain and use

-    To edit or correct your personal data in case they are not up-to-date

-    To delete your personal data which we maintain and use upon your request

-    To limit our use of your personal data in certain cases

-    To revoke your consent which you have given us

-    To initiate an investigation by a person, should we have decisions by us have been made automatically without a human’s influence

-    To raise an objection in case we maintain or use your data in our legitimate interest



Changes to our Data protection declaration


It can happen that, from time to time, we apply changes to this declaration. As a matter of this, we would like to ask you to regularly check and read this declaration.


Should there be fundamental changes to the declaration, you will be informed about those changes via E-mail or another communication channel.


In case you will not agree to our Data protection declaration and/or changes, it can happen that certain Services won’t be available for you anymore, up to not being able to access our website anymore.




Should you have any further questions concerning our Data protection declaration or Data protection in general, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

Cookie Policy

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Policies describing the use of cookies

In order to provide you the best service possible on, we use cookies.

What exactly is a cookie

When accessing our website, we send small text files to your computer or mobile device. Those text files then are saved on your device. The name of those files is cookies. Should you return to our website after the first visit, the text files, in case they are still available, are returned to us. This helps us to recognize your device, which can be useful in many cases.

How uses cookies

Cookies are used by us for different purposes, such as:

- To allow you to log in to your account

- To guarantee data protection and to prevent fraud

- To collect information about your transactions on and to control them

- To allow you to set up your account

In general we use cookies to improve our offers on in order to provide you the best service possible. Because of this, there are certain parts of our application, where to use of cookies is unavoidable.

Cookies can be categorized. The cookies used on below to the following categories:

- Cookies to manage your sessions

- Cookies to improve the functionality of the website and to improve the customer experience

- Cookies to prevent fraud and to better carry out risk management

- Cookies to track customer behavior

- Cookies for analysis purposes

In addition to the here described cookie-categories, it can happen that third parties use cookies to offer you their services. Should show links to external websites on, we would like you to pay attention, that such websites use their own cookies and have their own privacy policies.

How to delete cookies

Cookies, which were saved on your devices can be deleted by you, or you have the option to block them. This can be done in the privacy settings of your browser. 

We would like to inform you, that should you delete or block cookies, it can happen that certain services on our website won\'t be available for you anymore. Should you for example block session cookies, it can lead to you not being able to log in to your account anymore.


Should you have any further questions regarding \"Cookies\", do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]