Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Any claim regarding a transaction related to a PortoSlot account has to be made to PortoSlot within not more than 6 months after the transaction/payment and/or settlement took place or should have taken place. PortoSlot reserves the right at its own discretion, not to consider claims outside of the time span of 6 months. 

If an account holder wishes to file a complaint, it should do so by using PortoSlot’s complaint support. Both parties then should do their best possible to reach an consensual settlement within a reasonable time. The complaint support can be reached via [email protected]

In case the complaint will not be resolved to the account holder’s satisfaction by PortoSlot, the complaint becomes a dispute. The customer then should refer the dispute to the independent third party dispute resolution, which is called IBAS. Please contact the customer support for more information regarding our dispute resolution partner or visit their website www.ibas-uk.com for further information about the process of how to file a complaint. The arbitrators’ decision then shall be binding and may be entered as judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. 

The complaint must contain clear and also precise information about the account holder’s identity and also about the subject of complaint. PortoSlot or the 3rd party dispute resolution will then look into the complaint. 

Any legal claim or dispute arising under or in connection with the contract shall be settled in accordance with the governing law of the place of the contract. 

The regulator will always be provided with a note about the outcome of the dispute submitted by the 3rd party. 

If a dispute should occur between the account holder and PortoSlot, PortoSlot will make a detailed transaction record accessible to the account holder. This information will also be made available to a legitimate 3rd party such as a judge or court, if necessary. 

Should there be a dispute arising from the casino, the complaint can not be filed with IBAS or the Curacao Gaming Commission but with the regulator or the dispute resolution party of the casino provider.