Bonus System

What is the Bonus system?

The bonus system offers you to collect bonus points, which you can then exchange for cards related to the bonus system.

How can I take part in the Bonus system?

The Bonus system is available for everyone. However, in order to make withdrawals of money that was generated with the Bonus system, you need to be verified.

What types of cards are existing?

Gift cards: When placing bets, you will gather bonus points. Those bonus points you can exchange for gift cards. Those cards have specified values and the value of a card will be credited to you account balance.

Bonus cards: Bonus cards can be bought with the bonus points you have already gathered. Other than the monetary cards, the bonus cards will only generate real money after using them for betting.

The max. amount that can be won with a bonus card is 10-times the initial value of the card but not more than 1000 EUR.

Should you have not used a bonus card, it will become invalid after a period of 30 days.

How do I collect bonus points?

Bonus points are generated for each bet that you are placing with a final quota of at least 1.7. In case of a multi bet, each bet within the ticket needs to have a quota of 1.2 with a total quota of at least 1.7. This means, you need to combine at least 3 bets, each with a quota of 1.2

Attention: Should you participate in another bonus offer, such as i.e. a deposit bonus, you will not receive any bonus points until you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of related bonus program. Bonus points are valid for 30 days after receiving them. Should the bonus points not be used within those 30 days, they will become invalid and can not be claimed back.

How do I use the 2 types of cards?

Gift cards: The available monetary cards are EUR 10, 20, 50 and 100. Each of this cards has a special fixed value in bonus points. Depending on the amount of bonus points that you are holding on your account, you can exchange them for one of the cards. The real money value of the card will then be credited to your account and can also be withdrawn.

Example: Your account holds 8500 BP. The BP value of a EUR 10 gift card is 7693 BP. If you click on "Get", the 7693 BP will be subtracted from your current bonus points and the EUR 10 will be added to your account balance. The remaining amount of bonus points on your account are 807 BP.

Bonus cards: The available bonus cards are EUR 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Same as the monetary cards, they can be purchased with bonus points. The amount of bonus points required to buy a bonus card are much lower than the amount required to buy a monetary card. For getting the real money value of a bonus card credited to your account balance, you need to fullfill certain criteria.

In the following you can find a tutorial in how to properly use the bonus cards and how to generate real money with them:

Let's assume you buy a bonus card with a value of EUR 10. Your aim is, to use this card until you reach a total of BP 100. In practice, this means, you would have to use this card 10 times to reach the amount of BP 100.

When ever you want to place a bet, you have the option to choose if you want to use your real money account balance for this, or the bonus card. If you choose the bonus card, you can specify how much money of the bonus card you want to use for placing the bet. You can bet from EUR 1 - 10 of this card. The amount of money you bet, will then be credited to the bar in the "Bonus cards" section.

In the following we will give you an example on how this will work:

You place a bet of EUR 5 from your EUR 10 bonus card on an event with a quota of 1.7. The BP 5 will be subtracted from the card and the card has a remaining balance of EUR 5.

In case you win the bet, you will receive a total of EUR 7,50. The EUR 7,50 will be credited to the balance of the card, and the bar will increase by the amount of bonus points you used for the bet (in this case BP 5).

In case you loose the bet, only the EUR 5 that you have not used for placing a bet remains on your card.